Ham West Car Park Sidmouth

  • This East Devon Council run car park is behind the shops and close to the sea front in Sidmouth.
  • Ham West Car Park Sidmouth post code is EX10 8BL
  • There are public toilets in the town centre.
  • The car park has around 180 spaces.
  • Charges apply 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. all year and every day including Sundays.
  • The car park also serves the swimming pool nearby.
  • You may park and park here for a maximum of 3 hours
    (or 4 see below).
  • This car park is part of the "Winter Shopper" scheme from November to March
  • No coaches, commercial vehicles, caravans or trailers. 
  • The car park has a ParkMobile code of 2927
  • Free motorcycle parking
  • No height restrictions



Winter Shopper Special 2020/2021

 Running from the 1st November 2020 to the 31st March 2021 residents and visitors will be able to purchase a £2 ticket from a ticket machine and it will be valid in any East Devon car park until midnight on the day of purchase.

 You can use your ticket in any East Devon District Council Pay & Display car park until midnight on the day of purchase.

 Pay just £2 and park for the rest of the day (till midnight) and the same ticket can be used in any East Devon District Council Pay & Display car park. The ticket will show the "normal" expiry time but as long as you have paid £2 it will be valid all day. 

Excludes Parkmobile payments and Permit Holders.

Finding Ham West Car Park Sidmouth

Ham West Car Park in Sidmouth
This car park is in the cluster of short stay car parks in the centre of Sidmouth. If you don't know the town then the easiest way to find it is to come in on the main road from the traffic lights at Sidford and at the mini roundabout at the top of the high street turn right. At the next mini roundabout turn left and then keep straight on to the seafront and once at the front turn left.

Passing along the Esplanade towards the end by the lifeboat station you will see a sign showing the road beyond it is a dead end. Here you will see a turning to the left called York Street. Turn down York Street and this, and the other large car park in this area on the opposite side of the road, will come in to view. 

If you know your way around Sidmouth you will know there are other ways to access this car park but the way outlined above avoids the narrow high street, the even narrower turnings off it and the large river ford, where the latter is often impassable after rain. 

How much does it cost to park at Ham West Car Park

Ham West Car Park Charging Rate
The charge is 50p for the first 30 mins.

If staying up to 1 hour the charge is £1, then for 2 hours £2.

The maximum period you can park for is 3 hours which is £3 but generally if you pay for 3 hours you can park for 4 hours, see signs locally. The physical ticket issued by the machine may not show this extra hour but the wardens know not to issue tickets. 

Long stay tickets are available, see the image for details.

more information about Ham West car park

Ham West Car Park Sidmouth East Devon
The car park is open 24 hours and there is no height restriction over the entrance.

Motorcycle parking is free but there appears to be no designated area to park a bike.

Like all car park in Sidmouth in the height of summer it will be busy. However, as it is  a short stay car park if you are looking for a space it can be a good place to loiter.

Getting to Sidmouth town centre from This car park

Ham West Car Park ticket machine.

The car park isactually behind the shops.

Make your way to the corner on the same side as the entrance and there is a footpath from there to the shops.

Ham West Car Park in Sidmouth
Ham West Charges Apply 8 - 6
Ham West Car Park Charges
Ham West Car Park Sidmouth General View
Ham West Sidmouth short stay car park
Ham West Car Park in Sidmouth