Manor Pavilion Car Park

  • This East Devon Council run car park is next to the Pavilion Theatre right at the bottom of Manor Road.
  • The post code is EX10 8BY
  • There are public toilets towards the sea front by the bus triangle about 250 yards towards the town centre.
  • The car park has around 16 spaces.
  • Charges apply 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. all year and every day including Sundays.
  • The car park is handy for the theatre next to it but is tiny!
  • You may park and park here for a maximum of 3 hours
    (or 4 see below).
  • This car park is part of the "Winter Shopper" scheme from November to March
  • No coaches, commercial vehicles, caravans or trailers. 
  • The car park has a ParkMobile code of 2966
  • Free motorcycle parking.
  • No height restrictions.
  • Longer stay tickets available.

Where to park in Sidmouth

Finding Manor Pavilion Car Park Sidmouth

Manor Pavilion Car Park Sidmouth
Approach Sidmouth from the A3052. If coming in from Exeter turn right opposite The Bowd Inn on to the B3176 and follow this road until you get to a roundabout where you should go straight over.

If coming in from Sidford follow the road to the top of the High Street and then, at the roundabout, turn right. After 500 yards at the next roundabout turn left.

After 200 yards, by the theatre, turn right up Manor Road and the car park is immediatly on your left.

Campers must vacate the car park by 10 p.m.

How much does it cost to park?

Mill Street Car Park Charges
The charge is 50p for the first 30 mins.

If staying up to 1 hour the charge is £1, then for 2 hours £2.

The maximum period you can park for is 3 hours which is £3 but generally if you pay for 3 hours you can park for 4 hours, see signs locally. The physical ticket issued by the machine may not show this extra hour but the wardens know not to issue tickets. 

Long stay tickets are available, see the image for details.

more information

Manor Pavilion Car Park ticket machine.
It is very small and on a distinct slope.

So spaces are very strange as at one end you park over the edge of the tarmac (see images).

The walk to the sea front and is around 500 yards, where the town centre is about the same distance. 

On a very busy time of year if you are struggling to find a space to park for a few hours this could well be worth a look as it is easily missed, or, overlooked to be more precise, as an option. 

Getting to Sidmouth town centre

Manor Pavilion Car Park Sidmouth Prices
Leave the car park and turn right and right again at the junction you come to immediatly. 

After 150 yards turn left in to the bus triangle. From there stay straight ahead towards the church and at the church turn right and you are in the town area. 

Manor Pavilion Car Park Sidmouth short spaces
Strange "half" spaces.
Manor Pavilion Car Park Sidmouth general view
Manor Pavilion Car Park Sidmouth ParkMobile