Manor Road Car Park

  • This East Devon Council run car park is just out of town to the west and up at the top of a small hill
  • The post code is EX10 8RR
  • There are public toilets in the nearby Connaught Gardens.
  • There are around 280 spaces.
  • Charges apply 24 hours a day 7 days a week, all year and every day including Sundays.
  • No overnight sleeping.
  • You may park and park here for a maximum of 24 hours.
  • This car park is part of the "Winter Shopper" scheme from November to March
  • Coaches and motorhomes allowed, motor homes must leave by 10 pm. 
  • The car park has a RingGo code of 42936
  • Free motorcycle parking
  • No height restrictions

Sidmouth Car Parking Information - A Community Web Site

Finding Manor Road Car Park

Manor Road Long Stay Car Park Sidmouth
Approach Sidmouth from the A3052. If coming in from Exeter turn right opposite The Bowd Inn on to the B3176 and follow this road until you get to a roundabout where you should go straight over.

If coming in from Sidford follow the road to the top of the High Street and then, at the roundabout, turn right. After 500 yards at the next roundabout turn left.

After 200 yards, by the theatre, turn right up Manor Road, following it for around half a mile and the car park will be right at the end on the right.

Make sure you go in the entrance (second access point) and not the exit as there are "Alligator Teeth" in the exit to stop people going in that way!

Campers must vacate the car park by 10 p.m.

Note: The 10pm closure referred to by the notices stuck on the signs on this page is no longer in force.

How much does it cost to park

Manor Road Sidmouth Car Park Charges
The charge is 50p for the first 30 mins.

If staying up to 1 hour the charge is £1, then for 2 hours £2 etc.

The charge goes on at £1 per hour until you have paid £6 and then you can stay for 24 hours.

You can buy long term parking tickets from the machine using cash or card (not the app or by phone).

See signs locally and the image here for the cost (Correct 2021).

more information 

Manor Road Car Park ticket machine.
It can be incredibly busy in the summer.

Being one of only two long stay car parks in Sidmouth (the other being the dearer Bedford Lawn car park) anyone visiting for longer than four hours will probably first seek out a space here.

If you arrive and it is full your only option is to drive round and round looking for a space to be vacated or head in to town and look for a space there. To get to town and look for other options leave the car park and turn right, then at the end of the road turn left and drop down the hill to the Esplanade and the town centre car parks and stay for four hours maximum (unless you move car parks after 4 hours). 

Some people staying for only a few hours will actually park here as the walk in to town along the seafront is very pretty.

Getting to Sidmouth town centre from here

Manor Road Car Park Sidmouth General View
You have two options. Exit the car park to Manor Road and turn right then left and walk down the gentle hill past the magnificent hotels and houses to the Esplanade or exit the car park at the steps at the bottom end of it and cross the road in to Connaught Gardens (a park). 

If you elect to go via the park once there you head to your right and you will come to the steep ramp down to the beach or go more or less straight on and then turn right past the café to "Jacobs Ladder" (It is a flight of steps) and make your way down to the beach there. 

Next to the café are some very old steps cut in to the walls which lead down to the front for those feeling very brave.

Pictures of the car park

You can have a look around the car park here