Red Arrows Car Parking

 Parking for The Red Arrows in Sidmouth

Sidmouth Rugby and Cricket Club entrances

All the usual car parks are open of course but the Rugby Club and Cricket Club may set up extra car parks just for the event.

To find them coming in to the town the easiest way to find them is, at the top of the high street at the mini roundabout just after the cinema turn right. 

At the end of this road turn left (B3176), again at a mini roundabout, and the car parks may be found along here just before Bedford Lawn Car Park. There are usually bright yellow signs at each side of the road at the location shown in the picture here.

They are not always open for the Red Arrows night so if you head down this way and the signs are not there then alternative parking needs to be found. There is Bedford Lawn Car Park just beyond this point or turn right and head up to the large, and popular, Manor Road Car Park.

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Map showing Location of Red Arrows extra town car parking

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Possible option for Parking For Red Arrows in Sidmouth

Post code EX10 9AD

This option is in a field so is somewhat (recent) weather dependent. Leave the A3052 almost opposite The Blue Ball and take Sid Road towards Fortescue.

Redwood Road may be seen on the left as you head beyond Fortescue itself and on towards Sidmouth.

To walk from there in to town return to the road you turned off and turn left. Walk to the end of the road and turn left again by the cinema and follow your nose!

Parking is charged at £5 and the space normally opens around 1 p.m. until around 8 p.m. (correct 2021)

Red Arrows Extra Parking

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