Roxburgh Car Park

  • This East Devon Council run car park is behind the shops and very tucked away in Sidmouth.
  • The post code is EX10 8DD
  • There are public toilets in the town centre.
  • The car park has around 70 spaces.
  • Normal charges apply 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. all year and every day including Sundays.
  • You may park and park here for a maximum of 3 hours
    (or 4 see below).
  • This car park is part of the "Winter Shopper" scheme from November to March
  • No coaches, commercial vehicles, caravans or trailers. 
  • The car park has a ParkMobile code of 2937
  • Free motorcycle parking
  • No height restrictions

Where to park in Sidmouth

Finding Roxburgh Car Park Sidmouth

Roxburgh Car Park
This car park is in the cluster of short stay car parks in the centre of Sidmouth. If you don't know the town you are in for a treat trying to find it, and find your way out of it again!

The only way to get to this car park is to, at the roundabout at the top of the car park go straight on in to the town centre and after about 300 yards the road effectivly splits (but in truth your only option is to keep left). At this point there is a turning to the left called Russell Street, turn left here and the car park is at the end of this road.

On leaving the car park the only way out is to turn right on to Russell Street and proceed up to Mill Street Car Park.

At the top of the road if you turn right you can thread your way down to the seafront and turn right there to leave Sidmouth. You will pass both the East and West "Ham" car parks on the way. Alternativly exit and turn sharp left and after about 100 yards you will come to the large ford through the River Sid. This is often closed after periods of heavy rain. 

If you elect to go through the Ford and need to get to the A3052 then turning right will take you through Fortescue which is a "back road" to thet there. At the top of this road turn left for Exeter and right for Lyme Regis

How much does it cost to park?

Roxburgh Car Park Charges
The charge is 50p for the first 30 mins.

If staying up to 1 hour the charge is £1, then for 2 hours £2.

The maximum period you can park for is 3 hours which is £3 but generally if you pay for 3 hours you can park for 4 hours, see signs locally. The physical ticket issued by the machine may not show this extra hour but the wardens know not to issue tickets. 

Long stay tickets are available, see the image for details.

more information

Roxburgh Car Park ticket machine.
An unremarkable car park handy for the town centre and you cannot but admire that fact that in the middle of it there is a tree that actually does not get in the way!

What is interesting is the way to get to it and out of it and out of Sidmouth.

It is quite a good one to try as it is very tucked away and yet, if it is full, Mill Street and East and West Ham Car Parks are then quite easy to try and find a space in.

Getting to Sidmouth town centre

Roxburgh Car Park Sidmouth Devon

The car park isactually behind the shops.

Walk back up Russell Street, the road you came down to get to the car park, and you are in the centre of Sidmouth.

Roxburgh Car Park Sidmouth Devon
Roxburgh Car Park Sidmouth Devon
Roxburgh Car Park Sidmouth Devon