Temple Street Car Park

  • This East Devon Council run car park is next on the road in to Sidmouth from Sidford.
  • The post code is EX10 9BJ
  • The car park has around 11 spaces (see comments)
  • Parking is free!
  • You may park and park here for a maximum of 2 hours
    No coaches, commercial vehicles, caravans or trailers. 
  • Free motorcycle parking.
  • No height restrictions.
    (Officaily 2.2 metres but there is no barrier.)
  • Longer stay tickets available.

Sidmouth Car Parking Information - A Community Web Site

Finding temple Street Car Park Sidmouth

Temple Street Car Park
Approach Sidmouth from the A3052. If coming in from Exeter turn right opposite The Bowd Inn on to the B3176 and follow this road until you get to a crossroad with South Lodge on the right, here turn left up Peaslands Road. At the end of this road, at the Voulenteer Inn, turn left and the car park may be found on the right after about 100 yards.

If coming in from Sidford follow the A375 in towards the town centre and look for Salters Meadow on the left. After this road is a terrace of Victorian houses with disctictive brickwaord around the windows followed by a short terrace of shops. The car park entrance is immediatly after this row of shops. It is easy to miss it! 

You may park here for up to two hours for free. 

Free after 6 p.m. every day (which actually equates to 4 p.m. if you get two hours free anyway).

It is free all day on Sunday.

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Temple Street Car Park
It is very small strange place!

Most of the spaces are designated as "Reserved" and I counted just 11 spaces that were "free".

Handy to park in if you are going to the Voulenteer Arms nearby, especically after 6 p.m. when you can stop for longer than the 2 hours allowed (4 p.m. see above) if you can find a space. 

With two hours free parking if you are stopping here for a visit to the town you will not have long there if you walk in.

Getting to Sidmouth town centre

Sidmouth Temple Street Car Park
Leave the car park and turn left and outside the pub there is a bus stop when buses will take you in to the town. 

If you elect to walk it is around 750 yards and faily level. There is a continuous pavement but is does get very narrow in places. 

Sidmouth Temple Street Car Park
Sidmouth Temple Street Car Park
Sidmouth Temple Street Car Park